Marketing Makeover: Part 4

A marketing makeover takes time. The very fact that it’s a makeover suggests that you’ve been using a certain set of trials and tactics that may warrant some review and revision. Involving an outside voice can be helpful to keep the objectivity out front. A back to basics approach beginning with research, developing strategy, and finally implementing the plan, brings us to the end, right? Not quite. Taking the temperature and measuring results will provide us with data that can tell us where we need to make adjustments for the most success.


The beauty of digital marketing is that we can measure the results more accurately than ever before. Real-time data analytics for active and interactive marketing help to measure the effectiveness, activity, and ultimately the conversion of attention into dollars. This is one of the most vital and often-overlooked portions of the marketing practice, and can show you where your marketing budget is best spent.


After mining all of that analytical data, we can compare it to the original plan and adjust as needed. No great marketing happens without attention and adjustment. Monthly reviews and quarterly strategy audits ensure that as the market moves, so does your message.

All of these steps can help to define and direct your marketing. You’ve developed the product or service and the business plan, and we can help you to shout it from the rooftops (and the laptops)!

If this series has given you the direction and steps you need to market your business, then we’re glad we could help! If, instead, this has illuminated a list that you’d rather hand off to us to work out for you, then please get in touch with us–this is our wheel house, and we would love to journey with you through this adventure.


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