Marketing Makeover: Part 3

In Part 1 we went over the elements of research and discovery. In Part 2, we covered strategy.

Part 3 of Jazepro’s Marketing Makeover is where we bring out the mannequins dressed in various outfits, accessorized with bags, shoes, and jewelry–well, maybe not exactly.

But this is a great metaphor for what we do when we combine research with strategy. A package and presentation emerges where we are able to see to whom you’re reaching out and how they’ll best notice you.

It’s ultimately your business. We provide research, objectivity, and a direction that we then present as a possibility for your approval. This collaborative step begins with our recommendations, and ends with a plan that is both feasible and ready for action.

Online presence

This is your website. This is your storefront. This is where people will land and decide whether or not to stick around and see what you have to say. Does your current website say what needs to be said? Can people know almost immediately that you know what you’re talking about and that you can provide an experience for them that will satisfy? Did they search and find you easily?

Communication Offense

Yes! We want people to actively discover you because of your dynamic content and killer SEO, but how are you showing up in their lives in direct and indirect ways? Are you connecting with your audience through email delivery? RSS blog feed? Social media channels? You are the expert–but you need to reassure people through repetition and consistent messages.

What’s Next

You can sleep when you’re dead, but in this life, we need to be constantly re-evaluating our impact in the marketplace as well as discovering and learning the trends of tomorrow. Today, it means being more and more mobile-friendly,–but what will tomorrow’s trend be, three years from now? Those are the questions we love to keep answering!

Keep moving through the process, and let us help you along the way.


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