What do I blog about?

Blogging can be a daunting task if you over-think it–but we’re here to tell you–just go for it! Find your voice, speak to your customers, and share your insight! You have more to say and share than you’re probably giving yourself credit for, so let me remind you of your deep well of resources.

The Beginnings of “Blog”

Did you know that the word “blog” comes from web+log? As in a short entry in a log or journal. With that being said: keep it simple! keep it short! this is not everything you know in one post! Mix up your posts with a paragraph or two for one post, a step-by-step post for another, a bulleted list for another, and maybe just a video or image with a caption for another.

Pick a Topic, Any Topic

Pick a topic that relates to your product or service and write about it. Think about what questions you are often asked about, or little known facts that people should know. Your post needs to contain the basics of any writing assignment: an introduction, a few supporting details, and a conclusion. If you own a travel agency, you can talk about the benefits or booking with an agent, the pitfalls of booking online, some examples of good and bad experiences, and then end with a current special destination package and a reason to contact you. This is what is commonly known as a call to action. You need one–every time!

Planning Makes Perfect

Outline a plan for your posts. Now this may seem overwhelming, but start by looking at the calendar. Chances are there are seasonal occurrences that will prompt you to write about something specific, remind you about an offer that you have to promote, or prompt you to create some offers to fill in the holes and inspire people to call. This strategy is also helpful for making your site more searchable. This is a good time to remember to include words and phrases on your post that your customers might use to search for your information and website.

The most important thing to consider when blogging is that content is king. The more new content you are producing, the more valuable you are making your website. You are an expert in your field. You know things that others need to know.

Thanks for spending time with us today and let us know how we can help you get started with blogging or help you make your blog more effective.

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