Stop Marketing and Start Inspiring

When you hear the word “Inspire”, what comes to mind? Do you have the picturesque image of an artist painting the sunset meeting a dark and vast mountain range? Or perhaps you visualize someone sitting at a spot-lit piano on a blacken stage on the verge of a masterpiece. Maybe it takes you back to some event or period in your life when you felt empowered to take on the world or where you dreamed about the “what ifs” that have been forgotten in the day to day aspect of life.

Why all this talk about the word “Inspire”? Well, I believe that real authentic marketing is more about inspiring people than it is about selling a product. Before I get too far into this, or before you throw a book (or something) at me… Yes… the goal is still to sell products and services. You have a business to run. What I am talking about is the heart behind the message used to tell someone about a product or a service.

Inspiring people instills, renews and perpetuates the drive to accomplish something important. Marketing uses creative venues to inform an audience about a product or service.

Businesses can create cool things and use marketing to blast people with enough advertising to get them to buy. But marketing by itself  doesn’t build a relationship, or loyalty or help people realize that they matter to something bigger. In contrast, taking the time to inspire people makes a difference. Inspiring people encourages them. Inspiring people facilitates trust.

Some people will say that the inspiring happens at the sales level. That may be true, but we think that inspiring and encouraging others is just part of a healthy culture.

Here are 3 tips you can use to better inspire your potential customers.

  1. Give helpful things away. Give people ways to get started without having to pay for it. Give people a tip or an idea that can make a difference in their business.
  2. Let people know what inspires you. What makes a difference in you? What challenges and empowers you? Sometimes people just need a glimpse of someone else’s enthusiasm to see things more positively.
  3. Look for opportunities in your everyday life to inspire or encourage somebody. It will go a long way in developing an authentic culture that cultivates inspiration.

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