Perspective Matters

Owning  your own business can often find you wearing many hats–CEO, CFO, Administrative Assistant, Marketing Manager, and on and on. You know your product or service inside and out. You can talk about it all day long, you’re the one interacting with the client or customer everyday, and you’ve been around the block enough times to know what will fly and what won’t. As business owners, we’re constantly having to reinvent ourselves or freshen up how we sell what we sell. Looking around at clever commercials with funny hooks, or your local competition and their latest Facebook contest or Twitter sweepstakes–one can find themselves in a panic to be seen and heard better and more! But, doing what others are doing isn’t necessarily the best way to go about it.

Your perspective may not be your audience’s perspective. They may not be seeing those very same commercials and campaigns the way you are. Communicating to the masses doesn’t really exist anymore, because “the masses” are now 100 different micro groups with 100 different ways that they get their information to make their purchasing decisions. Here are three thoughts to consider as you determine who you’re reaching out to and how they might perceive your message:

  1. Ask some of your clients. Call it a mini-focus group, or call it lunch, but ask! People are generally more than willing to offer their perspective on what message you are sending and what they value about your product or service. And, after asking around, a pattern will probably emerge. That’s your hook!
  2. Where are you currently successful? Word-of-mouth is still, after all this time of fancy marketing, the best form of advertising. Maybe that’s true for you as well. How can you amp that up? Referral programs, incentives, social media–these all empower your existing clients and customers to share their perspective with their micro group.
  3. Expose yourself to new ideas. New isn’t necessarily better, but, when we’re exposed to new ideas for communicating, and analyze how others are doing things, we sharpen our own appreciation for the many different ways there are to communicate. After all, we can’t expect to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

Gaining the right perspective is key. If you’d like to sit down and discuss the “how-to’s” of this process, give us a call. We’re in the business of perspective.

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