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Remember watching those old episodes Star Trek where Captain Kirk calls up to the ship using his handy dandy communication device? or uses a tricorder to capture information about something to review later? I remember watching those shows thinking WOW. Wouldn’t that be cool? Wirelessly talking to someone hundreds of miles away… Let’s fast forward a little. I was a little out of college and I got my first flip phone. A Motorola StarTAC… Now that was real life Star Trek. Flip it open anywhere and call someone. Fast forward another 15 years. The i-phone, the droid, tablets, etc. We have at our disposal a plethora of devices that can be used to capture information, communicate ideas and connect with others far beyond a simple phone call. We be become accustomed to technology in so may aspects of our lives that it is easy to forget the WOW factor of what is available to us. So how does this apply to marketing? Good question. The best words to describe what it does is the words “random opportunity“. We each have the random opportunity to communicate on the fly and anytime. A photo, a tweet, a video, a blog…. Just about anything. Unfortunately it is easy to overlook the marketing opportunities available to us all the time. So how to we leverage technology to capture and communicate on the go? What do we communicate?How do we use our phone or tablet as a portable marketing publishing device? Here are a couple tips to get you started.

  1. Get the right apps. Even though your device is connected to the internet, it can still cumbersome to navigate to your website, login, navigate further to the pages or posts you want to edit or create, upload a photo… you get the idea. Having the right apps on your device make publishing content a breeze. The more easy it is, the more likely you are to keep using it. Some of the apps we use here at Jazepro are: WordPress for IOS, Facebook Pages Manager, Twitter for iPhone, and more.
  2. Look for things that interest you. The last thing you want to do is communicate something that you really don’t care about. You won’t enjoy it and quite frankly neither will your customer. Find things as you are literally walking through the day that jump out at you as something relevant to you and your customer. For example, if a customer calls and asks you a question that potential customers might also ask, then answer the question online so that other can’t benefit from your response. Open your app, create a post, take a photo, publish your idea and go on to the next thing.

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